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Familiarizing with Apadana knitting  Department

knitting various kinds of fabrics based on the width and grammage you need. In our complex all products are precisely controlled respecting the accurate knitting, dyeing, piling etc., so that you will receive a guaranteed and high-quality product.

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Knitting of all kinds of fabrics

بافت پارچه یکرو

بافت پارچه دورو

بافت پارچه جودان

بافت پارچه حوله ای

خرج کار

بافت پارچه دورس

بافت پارچه کشباف

بافت پارچه فانریپ

“Fabric production using the best materials in our dear country Iran”

Persepolis knitting and finishing, which is named after Takht-e Jamshid, was established in 1966 by private capital. The group’s activity primarily focused on circular knitting, and weaving, producing and exporting garments  to the European countries . The nonchemical finishing unit has been established gradually after years of obtaining experiences and world’s modern technology and it has continued its operations within the years 1991 to 2013 as the specialty center of knitting  and finishing on Tehran downtown.

Ordering raw fabric

You can order various kinds of raw fabrics through the website, phone contact or in person at Tehran office so that you will give your order after observing the samples of various fabrics and textiles and after receiving consultation from our specialty and sales team.

Establishment of a knitting and dyeing unit in one complex provides the honorable clients the opportunity to meet and follow up their entire demands in one complex without bearing transportation expenses and damages.


Do you have any questions about our services ?!

Frequently Asked Questions helps you to answer your questions as quickly as possible. If you have more questions, you can contact our experienced staff.

How to register an order

You can select the product you need through the site or by visiting the head office and store or by calling the office or factory and proceed to register it.

Official agency of kastilo® in the context of felts ; Teflon and textile stramps with highest quality and European standard from Germany

Email : info

Main office : 1th floor – NO 9- MOHTASHAM ST – SOUTH felestin st – Tehran – Iran


Factory :No 55 – roz st – salariyeh industrial city – varamin – Tehran – Iran

Tell : 009821-36770430

Fabric store : No 285- south felestin st – Tehran – Iran

You can choose the color from the following methods:
  1. Choose a color from the Apadana color album that will be sent to high-volume customers.
  2. Pantone color code announcement
  3. Go to the store office and choose colors by special cards
  4. Send a sample of dyed fabric to the office or factory

The main consumer ranks of Apadana are from the Kisco brand of South Korea and with the highest quality standards and environmentally friendly.